To pool or not to pool?

Many homeowners dream of a swimming pool – that sparkling blue oasis…a place to spend warm days…every kid’s fantasy. But is a pool right for you? Here are some tips and facts that may help you decide.

• While many people will tell you that a pool doesn’t add value to your property, that isn’t always true. If you live in a higher-end neighborhood, where most houses boast a pool, adding your own could possibly make your house easier to sell someday. Make sure you have enough room and that the pool’s style fits into the overall vibe of the area. And always keep your pool meticulously maintained.​

• Warmer climates mean more enjoyment. In Virginia, for example, many families use their pools for three seasons. That means a vacation from the everyday can carry into the fall months.

• The extras can really add up. Today’s pools are made of high-tech materials rather than old-time concrete. And the details are essential – be prepared to add a fence for safety and a variable-speed filtration system, along with glamorous options like lighting, water features or even a spa.

• Most homeowners heat their pools, using gas or electric heat pumps. Gas heaters are generally less costly to purchase, but electric heat pumps are usually most energy-efficient. A solar blanket is a great way to retain heat and reduce operating costs.

• Be sure to check your homeowners policy. Talk to an insurance professional to see if you increase your liability. And check with your township to determine if your property taxes will go up.

If you decide to take the plunge, treat yourself to a walk through our gorgeous outdoor galleries, displaying a wide assortment of pool decks to dazzle the imagination. We’re here to help!